Dreams and magic


It’s almost intuitively such that the surge of emotions and the urge to write come almost instantaneously. Not a doubt, I’ve watched my favourites all over again, a couple of days to Christmas. Watched Before sunset, Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve got mail in the wee hours, like they are some prelude to the festive season only that festive is not quite the word, it’s the warmth one feels whenever Christmas is near. Of course I must apologize to many out there who may think otherwise, but for me, Christmas is unforgivably liken to a cup of hot chocolate with a marshmallow on a rainy day, or the pair of boots that make the splashes of that puddle of water. Somehow, am able to identify myself with some of the characters in the movies and having watched them repeatedly over the years, I can even recite most lines without any mistake. Just like Nora Ephron has written in her scripts, many of us have our own play-lists in terms of music and movies, and they are part of what made up our identities now, I guess. The thought of a second chance in love in Before Sunset, that there may be a someone who will complete your life and that you will stay and not dissolve into molecules should you be hugged by him/her is heart-warming. And that winter would be so cold without warm memories, since we already missed the spring as suggested in An affair to remember featured in Sleepless in Seattle will remain ever so true. I may still wonder if there would really be a someone who will be waiting on top of that Empire State building or wherever we are meant to meet and that we are M.F.E.O….made for each other. I will be reading the signs and hopefully he does decode and know them too, and one touch of his hands and we’ll both know that we will be together forever. Forever is indeed a big word, so much so that one may get nervous or get cold feet at the thought of such an engagement, still, I am sure at the presence of someone, anyone would have just held tight to each others’ hands and never want to part. And yes, do bump into me round the corner, whether or not it’s arranged or by mere coincidence or accident. It’ll be great to share a latte at the coffee on the go, or just sit around and talk about books and music and movies we both love in a mega-bookstore or just a tiny, cosy bookshop. A daisy is rare on this island then send me a mail and let me hear the beat of my heart and only that when the PC lit up that powerful three words–You’ve got mail. (Or does it make up four words instead?) I know I wouldn’t care if it’s in Paris or New York, Seattle or Baltimore, for as long as there is this destiny prescribed by the great “cosmic” whom I know personally as Lord God, I will fly to be with him. It’s Christmas and it will always be full of hopes and dreams and magic. Three days to Christmas for the year 2007, I am just relieved and glad that I am still pure and spiritually connected to appreciate what life has for me and all.  And so to all readers out there, have a magical Christmas!


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