The Leap Years

It happens every four years and yet we live it as we would every single day. Sometimes I wonder if we should feel anything special about that very day or that we should just treat it like any normal days, after-all, what and why should it be any special than other days?  At other times, I am not sure if it’s only because we are but immune to anything and everything, so much so that we don’t or stop feeling for all things and people.

Am arriving at a phase where I have begun to feel tired about all things and people, even towards myself. Yet, still glad that the awareness has not gone unnoticed and the will to re-ignite the passion for life and love for people is very much alive and lit up. So I question the reasons why we can live like there is no real meaning in life or of life, and yet again, why do we suffer and struggle if not for a meaning in and of life? It’s like we are merely going through lives as we are being transported on a conveyor belt, day after day. We put on our best selves like a mannequin being doll up for the window and pretend to live a full life without any guilt or shame. Time is there or is it not? Listen to my heart beats and the time ticks, I am but totally lost in the hustle and bustle of the day to day routine to feel much for all days present and gone.

29 Feb 2008. Where were you? What did you do? And who were you with, that 24 little hours…well, the difference must be that “you“…


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