Right direct-ors

How many of us watch a movie because of its director? Many movie buffs would probably go for the cast, mainly the leading men and women and perhaps, the scripts or the big names of the producers and movie companies. I can think of the one man whom most will not think twice to attend any of his works, he is none other than the almost legendary Steven Spielberg. And of course some of us will still remember 杜可風, the photographer and/or camera man of the Wang Kar Fai’s stories. I am however, one of those who trusts and lends support to the directors, such as Wang Kar Fai, Mabel Cheung (with husband/producer Alex Law) and Park Chan Woo from the East, and Tim Burton from the West. If you are scratching your heads and desperately searching your memory at this moment for some of these faces whose names have been above-mentioned, try thinking  In the Mood for Love, The Chungking Express and 2046to represent Wang’s style, the ever frivolous chasing after the wind effects, as well as the lonely souls searching for warmth and meaning, all lost in the speed and lights of this city in Wang’s movies. Then we have the emigrant’s mentality and reflection as depicted in Cheung’s works, such as The City of Glass, Eight Taels of Gold and my personal favourite The Autumn’s Tale,  all shot between the late 80s and 90s. I am hoping to see some more from this formidable duo (couple) and I am sure they will not fail to surprise and delight my thrist for good quality movies. Still there will be more coming our way from the Korean, the ingenious Park who has brought to us his great sense of twisted humour to some, even in the eyes of his fellow countrymen, movies like I am a cyborg but that’s ok, Lady vengeance and Old Boy. To me, his dark humour is not unlike the French wit and fun, such as in the Delicatessen. Social issues and problems are interpreted in a seemingly light and absurd manner, which in turn adds on to the tension and impact of its topics discussed. Likewise the movies made by Tim Burton leave us with an aura of nightmarish magic and charm all in all. Who would forget the magic in his movies like Edward ScissorhandThe nightmare before Christmas, The corpse BrideSleepy Hollow and the recent Sweeney Todd. Though many of his movies would not have conquered the hearts of many if not for his favourite leading man, his ability to see things from a different angle or alternative perspective is indeed the winning formula.  I often wonder how can they sustain and maintain and even surpass their achievements over the years. I am never sick of watching their works repeatedly and could still count on them to whet up my appetite. Indeed if not for these great storytellers, the world would be a rather boring place and life would be flowers without the colourful petals, don’t you think so? Now I am looking forward to Park’s movie The Bat which is scheduled to start shooting in April and I just got my hands on Wang’s Blueberry Nights.


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