Pledged innocent

It is interesting how the four books of the gospels are written with different emphasis in some ways though they share the same focus on documenting Lord Jesus’s life, death and resurrection. As I was reading the Bible today, Luke chapters 19 to 24 brought to me a finding I have never once discovered. Somehow, I only realise how much more details the book has on the characters of Herod, Pilate and one of the two criminals who were nailed together with the Lord Himself. What was the one thing these men have in common? I suppose it is indeed the pledge of innocence. Read on the chapters to find out how both Herod and Pilate used to be at loggerheads at each other until their seeing eye to eye to pronouncing Jesus’s innocence. In fact, Pilate in the Book of Luke has not only once told the mob that he cannot nail Jesus to any crime He is not guilty of, but the mob chose to sacrifice the one Messiah they have been waiting for in return for the life of a murderer, Barabbas. And so Pilate has declared himself clear from the blood of the to be crucified Lord. And the same goes to the criminal who was nailed next to Jesus; when one of the two challenged Jesus to prove Himself to be the Son of God, the other has asked that Jesus will remember him when He ascended His throne. How much faith do we have if we were at the assembly of the mob and others? Will we also clench our fists and shout,”Crucify him!” Or will we be weeping at one corner, regretting how we should have stayed awake the night before to pray with the Lord, and instead we have denied Him as Peter the Rock to be did, three times before the cock was to crow twice? As I joined in the fellowship in celebrating our risen Lord, I couldn’t help wondering how I would have reacted if I were there with Him. And I truly pray that I will have the faith of a mustard seed, to save my soul and to proclaim His love for all mankind then and now. May we all have a blessed Easter and remember this wondrous love, instead of the bunnies and the painted eggs.


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