Someone I know is on his way to Incheon at this very moment. The flight could have taken off at exactly about half an hour ago and he’s probably warming up his seat or just busy searching for an empty seat somewhere nearby if his is not already without a partner. In any case, he is going to try to catch his forty winks in a few moments and wake up in the morning to a cuppa and a pumpkin filling donut at Incheon airport. *sulk* You can imagine my utmost envy, my heart longs to be where he would be soon and I would be jumping with joy the moment my eyes are opened or I can’t wait to sniff the sweetness of cherry blossom so much so that sleep is no longer a priority, not even an issue anymore. But still, am stuck in a pile of unfinished assignments, struggling to get by each day with almost full schedule that I am already deprived of my run. And I go screaming at the top of my voice, “I want to be back in Seoul!” … …Only that it was inaudible.


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