So what if you are a sucker? Am I not one too? There is such a breathtakingly alluring view out there, when one door is closed, it opens up another, still, we are both very much locked within the four walls erected to keep oneself captive. And when you talked about dreams and hopes, some unfulfilled promises and capacity of all possibilities, I am certainly skeptical though I was never like this before. Once a dreamer, I thought dreams will come true one day, then the little key accessory with the famous or infamous tag line was lost and am suddenly feeling lost…then I believed in the glitter of his smiling eyes, the warmth of his hands and the endless conversations we have had. Nothing was quite part of the reality that I thought it was I suppose, I can’t even be sure of that, that’s the sad part of everything. Still I miss him, and I only wanted all blessings be showered upon him and I prayed and am praying still, that he will be out of sight, out of mind. But to no avail. You call it destiny, even when it’s a bad omen, even when nothing will come out of it. I have lost touch of what fate should represent itself, I can’t feel and will not feel as much for anyone else, I knew that the day I cried my heart out just thinking of how I may no longer see him again. And you asked if I still feel for him, in fact I do, perhaps not as intense an affection, yet the scar still hurts a little. And cruelest of all is but the fact that he can be feeling alright all the time while it bothers me much. Just a plain loser, a true sucker. Yes, you are not alone in this, I am a sucker myself. 


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