Ticket to nowhere

I wonder what will I say to myself if I am back to the year I turned 20. I must have laughed at the feeble “me”, the dying me suffering from an inferiority complex. I could have chided myself for allowing me to mull over what has long been seen through and settled in the past. Then I was living in a bubble, never once awake. Not a drop of water today, the fainting spell after a mere 6 laps run, went breathless and gasping for air like a fish out of water. It was the same dream of you being transported away from me in the train, again and again just as the record on the turntable. There was no longer a destination to end up in,  no one stop where we’ll meet. I am just darn foolish but for now, just want to stay alive, truly alive.


4 thoughts on “Ticket to nowhere

  1. Dehydration will cause such fainting spells. Should try to drink lots of water 2-3 hours before you jog in the future.
    Well, you have to be foolish to be alive. And alive enough to visit the Kremlin and more.

  2. I am really lazy/moody to access to the internet when I am at home. May have missed out the earlier entries. Am v. sorry if I do not response/show the concern timely. This message is for the other two gals too.

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