Hail the German team


The thrill is still vivid in my mind and I simply can’t be sleeping anytime soon. What a breath-taking game! My eyes were glued to the screen at ALL times for fear that I might miss a moment, and any moments could just be that very moment. Then my heart was still beating fast as the 94th minute came to an end or it’d almost jumped out of my mouth!  What a victory and that was truly a remarkable game for both teams, thus whoever the winner may be, both have definitely put in their very best.

Indeed, this is my first game for the Euro Cup 2008 and I was then secretly praying that I’ll catch it live. All thanks to brother dearest who brilliantly made my dream come true and I get to see Ballack and Klose again in action. Well, the two are just great but I must say that Schweinsteiger and Podolski are the heroes in eyes now. The latter has already proven his prowess since the last Worldcup but he was so marvelous at the game this morning that I just can’t keep my eyes off him! The way he ran after every possible goal and his attempt to score from a long distance kick, you thought he will never run out of energy. Even towards the last few seconds, he was still bursting with power and almost brought the German team to a 4-2 victory. I would certainly love to see him play real soon.

However, I have to admit that my initial bet was on the Portuguese, especially on Cristiano Ronaldo. But you can’t really fault the star, can you? Whenever he gets the ball, you can be sure that he will make good use of his chance and I thought he did wonders for the first goal on his side, without which it may not have happened. There is just so much showmanship when the guy plays that you will enjoy every minute of it. Yet in any case, Portugal is now out of the game and Scolari may perhaps be apologizing to his people on behalf of the team for not repaying their ardent support with a win.

And for now, I may not have the luck to watch any more games but am already looking forward to the 2010 Worldcup. Oh… …soccer is a great invention indeed!


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