Fom Russia with Love

Just weeks ago, many may have drawn some great inspiration from the English leagues at the Petrovsky (inset), in St. Petersburg, but this morning, a lot more people are convinced that dreams will come true if you dare to dream long and hard enough. Whether it’s the success of the recipe guru Guus has concocted, or that luck was totally down for the Dutch as can be seen from the numerous failed attempts to score by Sneijder and Van Nistelrooy, the Russian team has done themselves proud with sheer hard work and progressing confidence and skills.

Frankly I have never watched the team play prior to this game, and I cannot name even one player in it, but now I sure will look out for Dennis Kolodin, Roman Pavlyuchenko,  Andrei Arshavin and the suave (in terms of skills) Igor Akinfeev, the goalkeeper at the Worldcup in two years’ time. Also I would confess that I put my trust in Hiddink rather than the team and had secretly hoped and prayed that they’ll play again in the semi-finals, though the Dutch are really great players and a joy to watch, solely to witness another miracle of the coach. But it isn’t fair now to call it a miracle since he has done it thrice since the 2002 Wolrdcup, then again in 2006 with the Australians and now the third time in a row. And so he said he would stay with the team through the next big game in 2010, you can be sure to be treated to a game of great enthusiasm and bursting power.

Well, am feeling very tired now after getting all tensed up and jumping about for the 100 odd minutes. I wonder how the big boys can summon such energy and calmness when playing in the field, but for now, I am just going to lie down on my bed and dream a dream of sweet dream.


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