A little nothing

I feel a little lonely today, a little melancholic yet not totally sad, not even feeling sad at all. The rain has decided to go on a holiday, thus allowing the sun to shine a little longer. The cloud then gathered to be painted into such a beauty with the evening glow as its lining. And I just sat myself down comfortably near the window pane, peeking out occasionally in between my doses of some nonsensical TV programme. The weather makes me feel tired, yet energetic enough to bounce like a tiger as I walk along the way home and I could have had an ice-cream to savour the sweetness life has to offer but never. Along the way home, the heavy burden on my shoulders kept me paced slower than I would usually and that actually allowed me to look around, though to confess in truth I see nothing; the mind and soul transported to some faraway lands as the Ipod serenaded me with Fly To The Sky and Loveholic and such. The short nap was a great energy booster, the bible verses dancing around as I stared at them with my sleepy eyes, nevertheless, 2 Corinthians proclaims that God loves a cheerful giver and the Proverbs taught me that a rod is saved for a fool’s back. I may be negligent but never want to be far from the Lord, I just need to stay focused and be certain of what I truly want in this life and for eternity. Hence, regardless of how pathetic I may seem to be with my obstinacy, I should be pitying thee, whoever not knowing what one desires. To desire and to have are indeed different, the latter is no greater than the former and certainly not to appear any superior. Just a little more time, with a little more joy, patience makes the wait much more bearable and when it all comes into nothing, I just need a little nothing, which is of no regrets or sorrows. 


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