Lone star

It’s true and I know, am very much a loner and will feel swimmingly happy when am all by myself. Need a moment of quietude, I like walking long distances and lying down on the grass patch gazing at the dimly lit stars. I wonder why the need to travel far for a slice of peaceful silence in one’s life, why there’s so much talking and merry-making and still, we are very much lonely and/or misunderstood? If the only key to communication is talking, why do we remain apart though seated close to one another, not looking into each other’s eyes? A warm handshake, a soft touch when holding hands, a silent nod or shake on the head in agreement or disagreement, then at last, we were truly communicating without any verbal exchange. Little known to us why we often began talking vigorously to end in awkward silence, the head never follows the heart, and when indifference overtakes love and hatred, you are again left alone, learning to being alone.


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