I really need to exercise! Been lazing around not doing anything and I mean nothing at all in the department of healthy living. I need to take a walk, go around some strange neighborhood where no one knows me and I won’t have a chance to look at someone in the eyes without being accused of staring rudely at them. Then I could also do a bit of jogging alongside a stream or on just a plain boring treadmill machine. I suppose I am quite incapable of jumping and hoping now, as if the spring in me has gone rusty or just that the rhythm in me has died. I must be suffering from some incurable diseases that deprive me of cardio-reaction and to a point that I can’t even summon enough air to take in a deep breath. You know the times you thought you are alive without breathing in or out, that is simply surreal! And I surely want to revisit the perspiration and even joint pain after some rigorous running and sprinting, though that was kind of unusual. Still that all remain a picture in my mind, too far from reality, and makes me wonder when, just when can I make them all come true after I am off the chair and only my fingers are dancing on the keyboard…sigh!


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