Harvest moon-My blueberry nights

서두르 지마, 걱정 하 지마, 아직 도 생각 해요.

A broken hearted Lizzy who knows not how to say goodbye went in search of the key to unlocking her unsettled emotions, found Jude who makes great blueberry pies despite the fact that there were few who will take to the pie. But why is it that the cheesecake and the chocolate cakes will sell fast but not the blueberry pie, topped up with ice-cream? To that, Jude says it’s just how it is but that has nothing to do with the blueberry pie and he continues to make them hoping that Lizzy who had gone travelling all around the United States would be back one day and be back for the pie.

Nothing too fantastic about the movie, I am just reminded of Chung-King Express, the Faye Wong character who waits at a cafe and how Tony Leung would come along and they were like an item who are not yet an item. The key(s) too was what brought the two together and even the reunion was somehow less than expected, but still it was good memory of some good movies.

Full moon night, the rain came and went.


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