First Impressions

It was actually what Jane Austen had in mind before the final publication for the book title of Pride and Prejudice, mainly because of the less than pleasant meeting of the leads in the story. And I thought it would be more apt than what was later explained at least in one instance I vaguely remembered, the movie You’ve got mail. Then Meg Ryan was totally obsessed with the book and will re-read it ever so often and perhaps also for the similarity or pun intended with her character and that of Austen’s. Indeed, Tom Hanks could just have been the proud Mr. Darcy while she, Meg Ryan was the bias Miss Bennet or Lizzy.

Like some of the Austen’s stories, the female lead seems to be rather slow to notice the affection they’ve received from their admirer, Emma being the other tale of the sorts. And though I must confess that I have no idea how the annual worth works when one is married well, I can still identify with the notion of marrying your equal. There is so much truth even in the present society when love is put to a test in view of the power of wealth. Take the worthless Mr. Wickham for example, worthless as in all sense of the word the character is, love or marriage is just a business venture and I seriously think that many men may still share his sentiments. Yet just how he would eventually choose to elope with Lydia, the vivacious and most animated character in the book I am totally clueless. But at least the money grabber has made a good move as far as his condition permits and at least it wasn’t another heart wrenching scene between the eldest Miss Bennet and Mr. Bingley as it was with Marianne Dashwood and Mr. Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility. I thought just how or why did Mr. Darcy have a change in attitude and opinion for Lizzy lacks substance in the writing. As a reader, I could not feel the passion develops or the love blossoms even though Mr. Darcy had meaning to convince his readers towards the end of the book. And although Lizzy would like to believe that her indifference towards the ever so charming and filthy rich Mr. Darcy was what attracted him to her, one still feels it’s rather surreal given the few interaction and even less communication they could have had. However, I do like the couple even when I am thinking hard on the theme intended with the given title(s). Whatever it is, I would love to meet my Mr. Darcy, one who is ever so heroic and will save the day whenever I or my loved ones are in trouble. He certainly needs not appear to be an affable gentlemen to others, but as long as he is truly a gentleman and one who only has eyes for me, I willingly give up on my pride and prejudice.

Mr. Darcy, where art thou?


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