Nobody knows when someone or some things will become”things” of the past. while frantically finding some lost materials, I came to find some lost memories, of people whom I have so dearly missed once, or thought I would never be apart from them and events that happened and were gone like the playing of a dated reel of old movies. The letters that were kept in sealed boxes, the words written and were once imprinted on the minds had since faded. The little gifts that brought on a smile so sweetly, an afternoon shower shared, a rain that was supposed to mean something and an afternoon of chasing the clouds and the daffodils. What could have happened to those who had shared these memories? Are they still thinking of and missing the days of the past? And the person that I used to be, the days of being a romantic, so unabashedly, and the crying and singing and laughing about anything and nothing. Years have passed, like wind brushing through the cheeks, leaving behind not even a trace. And we were like shadows, forever in search of the identities we call existence.


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