On reading

Back to reading. Back to book reading, not browsing, not electronic, not the magazines or blogs, but real book reading. It’s a life skill which will help one to spend time more wisely given the right conditions, such as the right book, the right posture like under good lighting and sitting posture, and it’s probably what I would like to do when I grow older and old. Of course this doesn’t mean that only the older or more mature people should read, the above mentioned is purely pertaining to my own life style.

Reading a book is still the choice I would make when given options like movies (tie-in) and other visual versions as it involves and allows more intellectual stimulation and communication. The image one may have, the interpretation one may adopt and the appreciation one may experience are definitely more satisfying than the presentations available. Perhaps our self discoveries may be greater given the task at hand as compared to almost being spoon fed by other readers who are sometimes known as the commentators. The fact that it takes more patience for one to finish a book rather than a movie and the tangible act of turning a page has since become a challenge in itself. Frankly I have no ideas how we have evolved to the present age in terms of holding and reading a book and I simply refuse to imagine a life resulting in such an evolution.

To date, reading a manuscript of less than a thousand pages and with a font size of  about 10 will take me close to four months to finish, the awareness I most despairingly acknowledge and thus, am determined to rectify my reading pattern/speed. My recent encounter with Mr. Darcy in printed words and an image imprinted on screen is vindicative. 


2 thoughts on “On reading

  1. The traditional publishers tell us that real readers are disappearing…while refusing to accept that REAL readers are completely turned off by the crap publishers are projectile vomiting on the literary world. REAL readers are still in search of a good book and always will be. The problem is, there are a lot fewer decent offerings about.

    Good post…

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