Cloudy weekend

It was still bright and sunny in the noon, then in a mere two hours time, it was all gloomy and rainy. Such is the temperament of the weather these days. Was told that Seoul has had its first snow last Thursday when the temperature dipped into sub-zero degrees. So what do you think you will be doing this weekend? Someone may still be attending the weekly debate discussion group, others roamed about seeking for happening spots and still others looking for a book on sale this year end. Maybe you can go to the zoo? Someone asked me this question last night, “why do we go to the zoo?” I never quite thought of that, as my only reason is always to find out if my beloved giraffes are still in their not so natural habitat. For some unknown reasons, I just love them and zoo would not be a well qualified zoo without them or at least I thought so. But the person told me that we are there to look at the rarely seen beings, the different from humans’ beings called “animals”. Though not agreeing totally with him with regards to the possible difference, it was quite a novel idea. So why not head on to the zoo to look at the animals or take a look at yourself after you have taken a good look at your possible reflections?

A cloudy weekend reminds me of the western styled creamy pumpkin soup or 호반죽 prepared in the Korean kitchen, as well as the music of Lucid Fall, be it the more cheery 보이나요 

or the more forlorn 사람이었네 
Would even be hearing the falling leaves, the free fall as swiftly as a ballerina from the 은행나무 and right before my eyes is the hue of a deep blue sea. If you were to read a book, it would be Haruki Murakami’s ノルウェイの森 or choose from the Shunji Iwai’s productions to feed your senses.

이 주말에 뭐 할고 예요? 지금 뭐 해요?


2 thoughts on “Cloudy weekend

  1. I have the book “Norwegian wood”. I read the book twice, But I like Ekuni Kaori’s book better than his book. 🙂

    평소와 다름없는 주말을 보냈네요…
    기분이 조금은 가라앉아 있는 월요일 아침입니다.

    좋은 주말 보내셨나요?

  2. 우울한 월요일 이에요:) 오늘 도?
    난 보통 월요일에 조깅 가요, 운동 후에 stress 다 사라져요. 한번 해보요.
    그건 그렇고, Ekuni Kaori가 누구세요? 내가 몰라요. 일본 작가 중, Haruki Murakami, 그리고 Yukio Mishima 아주 좋아요.
    그럼, 힘내요!

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