Kyoto Online

img_10601 Been trying to find a PC-bang or cyber cafe in Kyoto since day 1 but no luck until I saw one tonight but was actually catered to registered members of the cafe. Didn’t like the room of smokers thus I could only settled for a standing PC at the hotel or inn I am now staying in. It has been a good experience since my arrival. The only complaint may perhaps be the keyboard that I am struggling with this very moment. Can’t seem to make it stable for long, it keeps switching to the Japanese mode from time to time. I really need to be back online on a daily basis. And even though I still miss Seoul sometimes, it was so much more bearable than before. I actually found a Catholic church in town today though none of the people seems to know there is one in the very area where they were. Chancing upon a church is always a great feeling, what’s more when I could happen to see more than one, like every other day while on walking tours. The weather reminds me so much of Seoul only that it isn’t as chilly which is what I like about this place, I can bask in the sun, read or re-read my Sophie’s World and get myself all connected to the world of philosophy once again. Like was mentioned in the book, I really fear my growing up will make me into a person of habit so much so that I am no longer one who is open minded, which I am somehow…sad but true; not easily excited and not too curious about anything much. Waking up in the morning is not too much of a problem though since the sleeping pattern has been established and an eight hour sleep is certainly more than enough. Didn’t quite expect myself to be walking this much too but am really into the mood and walking 6 to 7 hours a day is quite a norm by now, again no complaints on that. Just hope that all these walking tours will burn more calories than what was added on. Saw more than what I would like to try eating and am glad I resisted the temptations. I just miss my regular run and wanted so much to show mom what she has missed on the autumn scene. Is it snowing now in Seoul? Has it snowed the second time for the year? I know I shouldn’t be mentioning Seoul all the time and many a times I do find this place more charming than Seoul, still my forlorn heart will fly to the land of Soju wherever I am.


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