Escape to Arashiyama-Sagano

img_1182Even after leaving Kyoto, the breath taking view in Arashiyama will remain special in my memory. Today I finally realized why it is less painful to be away from Seoul than it has been when I was in Tokyo, this place has been relatively quiet and thus, more relaxing and definitely more time allowed for self discovery. I have been really nasty to my travel companion for the past couple of days as she has been rather eager to talk and share her thoughts while I prefer to immerse in the mood. Been told that I am very much by myself and I certainly won’t deny that. I like being on my own very much or just be in a quieter company, that my dear friend Min has been a great travel mate indeed. (you know that don’t you my pal? ) The air tonight is clear, I inhale and exhale lightly, the air here is certainly not as polluted as in other cities and though I would love to do more walking, I have been walking like 5 hours a day on a daily basis and that is just double what I’ll do when back home. Like the little shrine we’ve been to this morning, a place call nonomiya-jinja and I actually asked for nono-jinja to the amusement of the two cordial young ladies who are selling some Japanese cakes. The bamboo paths are simply out of this world, the greenery and the shade as well as when the sunlight showered upon them are all to my liking. How I wish I could show mom and perhaps walk the paths with her. Thought of this when I saw how many old couples, and I mean really really aged couples strolling everywhere in this province. Still, this is Japan, the aging province and greying population being one of her signature traits but mom would not be able to walk this much or her knees will get weak. But I make a promise to myself that I will go walk with her in our parks when I get home, not the window shopping kind of walk, but a walk in the park. (no pun intended)  And shopping for my family and freinds are what I like that more than just getting myself all the nice things that came to my attention. This would never be so in the past and I guess this is hard proof that I am getting more mature? But for now, I will allow my tired legs to rest and get a nice hot bath, again, and to get a nice cooling facial to hydrate my tired skin. Goodnight Kyoto, till tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Escape to Arashiyama-Sagano

  1. Are you still traveling in Japan?
    I heard it’s rainning once a three days in there.
    Isn’t it cold?

    I like the picture! 🙂

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