Green tea & Ramen

img_10103Endless ramen over the last few meals, it’s as if there is nothing much to choose from. However hungry or full, it’s just the hot soup (again no pun intended) that warms the stomach and thus, it’s just a temptation not to resist. I suppose there will be more bowls of ramen on the way and what else but the tea culture to feed the tired soul? Hence, ramen and green tea do make a good combination and in anyway, this is Japan, the land of green tea and ramen I guess. Will be doing more individual entries on the various places visited and the many things encountered. But for today, I just can’ stop my shopping urge and went on a shopping spree in the evening. Well, the American dollars sure is not always acceptable and I jsut have to find a place to exchange it for the Japanese Yen. How I miss  home today, truly want to be back to my exercise routine, go run more then perhaps, I will feel more intact with the external world or what we call reality. Sophie’s World has now come to the chapter on the Romanticism, I truly enjoy the ritual like reading of the book on a daily basis…


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