Déjà vu yet again

img_1003The angle of this photograph reminds myself of a scene in the Japanese movie titled “Love Letter“. Then the two ladies who look exactly alike came face to face with one another on a narrow road like this. It was as surreal as in a dream and yet it sort of signifies how the two strangers’ lives are somehow intertwined and never quite apart since the day the leading man came into their lives. I was trying out my camera and am really happy to create the blurring effect at the background to highlight the back of this elderly man. The wheeled carriage or what was known as the Jinrikisha was widely in use during the Meiji era  and has become an important tourist attraction or mode of transport in tourist areas. I especially like the marriage of the old and the modern, it exudes the charm of nostalgic mood and brought me back to the old days, the era that only re-enacts in postcards and books found in the nearby shops.   


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