Glorious Food

img_1119img_11081Nishiki Market, a place to shop with a twist, that is shopping for food. Of course there are many other food places and frankly speaking, I was expecting even more than what came into sight, but the visual treat was enough to make this a worthwhile trip. Rather than tasting the food, I prefer feasting it with my eyes, admiring the colors of late Autumn, mostly red and orange. Some of the things I see but never get to taste them, or rather never even thought of trying them. I am always a conservative when it comes to food and was practically stuck with tempura udon/soba, ramen and curry rice all the while, a stubborn streak that shows in all aspects of my life. So I was very tempted by the variety of food available in the market, the cooked and raw treats, and wanted very much to have more than three meals a day, in fact, at times I do have a fourth one, the extra tea time I call it. Then I take pride in my self control and eventually only treated myself to something I thought irresistible–the tofu doughnut! Love it perhaps because of it being a healthier version of the Amercianised donuts or it could be its unsweetened or discreetly sweetened taste. In any case, I won’t mind getting another bag of it anytime, anyday.img_11021img_11031img_11041img_1109img_1101


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