img_1298Pardon me for I really don’t understand a life revolving around the Pachinko parlor. The Pachinko is a form of game made popular in Japan. It involves pinball and works almost like the jackpot machines found in all casinos. You can see as many such parlors as you can find the Pc-bang or Norae-bang in Korea. This is especially true in Osaka as opposed to the other big city, Tokyo. I wonder how interesting or addictive such a repetitive brainless game could be but I simply refused to give it a try. And thus, I merely stood outside one of the many on the streets and when someone entered or came out of the parlor, I quickly took a snapshot of the scene with the act. Apparently, the really young ones are barred from the game parlors and as you can see from the edge of the automated door, the Korean dramas are rather big in Japan though I can see that there may be a limit cap to the number of shows allowed to be aired on national TV. What surprised me was actually the posters of Winter Sonata as I could see that Mr. Bae is definitely still one big shot in Japan and people may be attracted to the 2002 production which to me was already fit to be in the archives. Yet again, it is already a classic in itself.


2 thoughts on “Pachinko

  1. These days, 최지우 is playing the drama “스타의 연인(Star’s Lover).

    Check your email box!
    I sent a flash card to you. 🙂

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