I realise that I have not been updating the blog regularly, and in fact I deliberately stayed away from my computer and thus, away from the cyber world. Instead, I am back to reading a book , putting aside all that I may need to do in the evening, just so that I can focus on my reading. There were just some light reading, novels most of the times and some biography on the artists whom I have always admired. And whenever I get to the point of being connected with the world of printed literature and paintings, I am back to my old self, like being back in the good old days of writing and painting and yes, movies and museum artifacts. Just a couple more days to the end of the brief month and I shall be back on the running track despite the sore throat and will catch up on all the great movies I have missed since the beginning of the year. And alas, my Lucid Fall’s and Nell’s albums arrived after a long wait, and the former has been my most favorite playlist, especially at bed time. 


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