Rainbow Covenant

About 7 in the evening, dad came running into my room and announced excitedly that a rainbow has appeared in the sky. Though I was anxiously watching the final episode of Tokyo Love story, a classic Japanese drama serial, somehow, something in me wanted me to drop all things to catch a glimpse of the sight. And it was quite a sight! With a surreal paint of the orange evening sky, the rainbow was brightly lit up in its multi colors. Dad turned into a child at once and exclaimed that we should take a picture of it, to which I replied that no camera would be able to capture such magnificent sight. Indeed, as I stood by my dad and we looked towards the direction of the rainbow, I am reminded of my Heavenly Father who has promised that a rainbow is a sign of His covenant with me. And my headache is gone for once, I long to run again after a two month break from my routine. I still feel uneasy and queasy and both physically and emotionally drained, but the magical moment has brought me the peace of mind.


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