Vicky Cristina Barcelona









Quite a typical Woody Allen movie if you are curious about this movie. I wouldn’t have paid much notice or interest to it if not for the site in Barcelona and the actress Scarlett Johansson who has since become one of my most sought after actress after movies like “Lost in Translation” and especially “Match Point”. I later found out that she was in “The horse whisperer” which I have watched but she has not really left much of an impression on me. In any case this movie about a summer day vacation in Barcelona that left one in search of her own certainties in life and another certain of her uncertainties on life proves only to be a light dessert after lunch which I will not want to taste more than once.

I do enjoy the scenic Gaudi’s art pieces and don’t really mind the so-called art work by the characters in the story. The neurotic expressions and what known as chronic dissatisfaction as manifested in Cristina, one of the lead women I’ve also found some familiarity and again, Johansson has exuded her charm in a most comfortable pace, still I find the insanity of the love triangles and even quadrangles too much to handle in real life and almost stifling when you come to think of it. What I gain from the movie is actually the debate on the definition of love and freedom. That when love seems destructive to one’s life when a tiny ingredient is missing in the concoction, such as salt and how a person can be moved to accept all kinds of relationships and all seems so justified that no appropriate police should interfere made me think for a while. I suppose I can never be as free-spirited as expressed and understood by the characters and I would certainly conclude in what the one lady , Vicky said in her line, that the whole thing is insanity which she does not want in her life, even if she may be heading towards a tragic love life with her somehow mundane and down-to-earth husband. The movie is meant as a comedy but perhaps it was my lacking in the sense of humor, I thought it was kind of sad and disturbing to be appreciated as a comedy, absolutely not at all funny to me. Just as the last scene at the airport, with the girls pulling an almost expressionless face and Vicky’s straight faced  husband, I was just as expressionless after much anticipation for it.


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