If in Seoul today

Most probably taking a stroll down the familiar lanes in the Insadong areas, getting a sip or two at one of the tea houses, thinking and feeling an itch to peek at the Hue tea-cafeteria. The sun is setting soon, the warm glow of orange blending in the almost rainy aroma of summer. This fickle-mindedness of the summer weather reflects well how I am feeling at the moment. Seoul may be rather cooling when the sun sets, even though experiencing the tropical summer nights, or the perspiration would still be a comfort to me after the long bitter wintry nights. Of course I may be dreaming of a balding tree, the gingko forests changing its coats of color. 6.22 in the evening, might still be pacing up and down the streets with no clear destination in mind. Indeed there’s nothing more in the mind except for one splitting decision, to call or not to call…a magpie may appear miraculously in downtown Seoul, SJ is just making a turn into the main street where I am, would be, if in Seoul today. 


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