A chapter in the teahouse

Wednesday afternoon, the weather is all sunny and bright. Some one has decided to drop all his work, or rather was not assigned any for the day to give himself a break. When the clock struck 3, he and I am all ready to move out of town and landed ourselves in a traditional teahouse. It was a feeling all too strange, was it some 5, 6 years back since I was now, yes I mean now, at this tea house.  Nothing much has changed since the last visit, not even the signage. Perhaps they have suffered or benefited from a high or low turnover rate over the years as I don’t quite make up of the faces I have seen, perhaps the framed calligraphy has taken on a younger image, still, the ambience is very much the same and even the aroma filled with some savoury pastries and of course tea leaves. We ordered a packet of white tea known as the White Peony and  one or many cookies and tidbits. I would not go without the egg soaked in the tea leaves and other herbs and had it served, peeled by him. A quiet afternoon, saw some tourists soaking in the brand new experience with curiosity and amazement I once have had. Then some came all armed with a set of Chinese Chess and a not so pleasant duo with their suspicious looking box which we had failed to find out what it really was. In any case, we have been observing others around us and had ourselves been stared upon by the aforementioned duo as we attempted to be equally rude in our little language game. On this sunny and bright afternoon, we would be out in the sun perspiring or shivering a little while working in the air-conditioned office, yet we were very much blessed to be seated in the cosy attic room, with a window half-opened to allow some light to pour onto its dirt-free parquet floor. With the couple of cushions lying around, it was really tempting to just lie down and maybe take a nap if not for the fact that the tea is keeping us, well, at least me rather wide awake. Well, this is what being alive should be, a little sunshine after the rain, or a little breather after a day’s hard work. All thanks to the dude, the day was indeed well spent.  


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