When cowherd meet his fairy maiden

칠석 or the Star festival, whatever you call it, originates from the Chinese legend of cowherd the earthling and his heavenly maiden. The tale symbolises undying love which enables the couple to overcome separation to meet every once a year whenever the magpies flock to build a bridge between heaven and earth. Such is the determination of the true lovers, such is also the compassion of the stoic heavens. And on this day, the seventh day of the seventh month of the Lunar calendar  is one day as you wish upon a star, you may come to witness the Reunion made possible by the almost legendary birds of happiness, then what would you wish for? Would it still be the courage to withstand loneliness when being left behind on earth, or the unwavering will to keep to a promise made in heaven? And if you were to be the he or the she, what words would you say to one another? Will it be to murmur sweet nothings, or to simply gaze into each others’ eyes to utter all things beyond mere words and expressions? I just wonder why the significance of such a day or night, and why the impact for it to travel beyond the Chinese lands to etch and imprint on the minds of all peoples alike. Could it be love? I hope to believe so.


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