Here I am

Merely 24 months and things and places have changed much. Must have been infested with vibes of sadness so much so that wherever I went, the wind would sound a song of departure. Haven’t much thought about what would happen, what can be seen or done, just going with the flow; lethargy sets in and am in no mood to do much anyway. Yet there is no regrets whatsoever,  it’s a vacation granted by the Almighty and will just enjoy every bit of the stay in my beloved strange land of the morning calm.

The window looks out to the famous Bugaksan or Mt Bugak I think. After the snow a night before, the peak is now covered with a blanket of white and the sun shines on it would bring out the flavour of what mountains should be. I love this scenic view, love having a mountain to look out to, it moves me closer to mother nature to bring me away from the busy and overcrowded city. Indeed, the crowd is deafening and the rushing soles that seem to know their true destinations are too confusing, I cannot breathe long or drag a step or two for fear that I’ll be carried away or thrown away by the maddening city dwellers. Then I wondered how I landed here, forced in and out of the train at one moment and not knowing where I would want to be. Still, I listened hard to my heart and here is truly where I long to be, since 24 months ago. Here, as I may lament, is where I would want to be this very moment, my Seoul, my land of the morning calm. 


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