Finding vanishing village and memories

The Weather is insanely cold, though not as cold as over the weekend. The strong winds have taken a halt but even under the sun, I still get the goose pimples like living in an ice box. Human beings are really made to adapt to the environment they are in aren’t we? Who would imagine living in this cold for a day, and yet here the people are experiencing winter for months, and it doesn’t help when the spring and/or autumn can be rather chilly in the turn of the seasons. I was unknowingly murmuring the word “nonsense” as I braved through the freezing streets of Bukchon, getting from alley to alley and trying to walk to Samcheongdong and Insadong at Bukchon when I met some kind souls like one Mr. Ryu, a senior flight captain of Asiana Air and a lovely lady from the Tteok Museum. Yes, the Tteok Museum! I only know of the Kimchi Museum but the Tteok or rice cake seems to be everywhere in the lives of the Koreans, from Spring to Winter and from one’s birth to ones’ coming-of-age, marriage and funeral. Somehow it kind of touches my heart as I read about how the different insignificant looking Tteok have a part to play in the different phases of one’s life. So inevitably I had to have some Tteok and I certainly enjoyed the Pumpkin flavored Tteok but don’t take to the texture of the apple-flavored sticky Tteok. As the name suggest, the sticky cake is too sticky for my liking. And late lunch was done at my favorite haunt, none other than Insadong where I found some delicate silver jewelry accessories and a hand-made wool pull-over with a dainty flower print on it. All these would cost more than what I am paying for if bought at home, the inflated won has further reduced its value. So happy shopping I sure did and will try the Kkultarae or a white thread-like traditional taffy with almond fillings right after this entry. I bet I’ll go back to shop more when nearer to the close of the week and this time round, I am going to drink more traditional tea and maybe buy some tea leaves back if it suits my palette. Just a moment of reminisce as I stopped for lunch at the eatery where I had dinner with SJ, our first dinner together in Seoul. Sigh! I most probably will complain about the cold tomorrow and hopefully the medicinal plaster will help take away the pain on my lower back due to much walking, but reliving the moments of these vanishing memories really did warm my heart. It still does.


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