On the streets

It started to snow at noon in downtown Seoul. Wasn’t excited at all, in fact the moment the flakes danced, I began to grumble a little, well a lot.  Ran indoor  to a barbecue place which I have the faintest idea what it has to offer and it certainly wasn’t what I had intended to eat for lunch. Yet for the sake of keeping myself dry and warm, I just had to run into the nearest eatery possible. So I did have galbi bokeumbap or fried chicken rice for lunch or rather just took a couple of spoonful of it. I suppose the waiters at the eatery must be quite offended by the way I treated their food but it was all unintentional. Already this morning while waiting for the shops to open so that I could shop, the man selling bubble gum on the cold streets and those begging for a dime to get by the cold winter at the subway station were enough to prick my conscience and guilt. Here I am ready to burn a hole in the pocket  while they are waiting for their next meal. Pay a gum for 2000 won, gave 10000 won to the Salvation Army and witnessed a fervent fellow Christian brother reading the scripture at the centre of the busy streets of Myeondong. I prayed for God to stop snowing and He answered the little prayer almost instantaneously. The body is tired, the heart weary, all is rowdy till it reaches complete silence, if you know what that means. What is living? What about? The city is cold, and I felt really lonely in this cold wintry city. All I wanted to do and could do was to take a slumber as soon as I had a warm shower upon reaching my humble abode. I think I am about ready to end this journey of solitude, or maybe I will begin to enjoy it when the sun rises again.


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