Two-two chicken

Finally sink my teeth into those juicy looking sauce covered chickens! I have been meaning to think academically after the tour at Gwanghwamun this morning. Yet while King Sejong’s great achievements have been truly impressive, the whole day was spent thinking of ways to get those famous Korean fried chicken.  Who would have thought it could be this tough to get a chicken meal for one? Somehow this city does not seem to believe in eating alone, hence you would most likely be shooed off like some stray dogs when you try to get yourself a meal at some eateries. And when I look around me, alas! People do come in a group of at least two most of the time, but that may only happen here, in reality or metaphysically speaking, we are often very much alone in our arrival and final departure. Anyway, thanks to the business savvy woman, I was “permitted” a special set meal at 10 000 won, which serves as a decent dinner for me and a reasonable profit for her. And yes, they do taste as good if not better as they look. Well, King Sejong and the National Folk Museum will have to wait till tomorrow while I pamper my tired feet after the long walks this whole day.   


3 thoughts on “Two-two chicken

  1. I really want to eat 치킨..ㅠㅠ
    (there are some more delicious chicken than this these days)
    there is chicken’s store of Korean in here,
    but it never tastes in Korea of.
    Couldn’t delivery service from Korea to here? (–;)

    1. I sure wish I could deliver the fried chickens to you:) And no snow this winter for you…ㅠㅠ yet the drizzle can be heartwarming too. Cheers!

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