Winter Zoo

Decided to go to the zoo but it turned out to be more than a zoo. Seoul Grand Park houses the zoo, the Seoul Land or some theme park and a Botanic Gardens of some kind. Can’t say much about other than the zoo since I don’t have ample time to move around except to wander about the zoo, a must visit destination for me whichever city I may be in. Somehow it has become a kind of habit since. Of course I could miss anything but the giraffes and I did manage to take a close look at them. In addition, I have a great surprise from the hue flaming flamingoes and a bored-looking zebra that stared and  yawned at me! Took the tram-car and the cold air blowing at me got me sleepy once again. Then a cup or rather half filled cup of milk coffee was good to warm my frozen hands and the meeting with an eager-to-converse-in-English elderly man and a most helpful young lady who went an extra mile to provide me with the right direction on my way back were most rewarding. Not forgetting what I always wanted to eat, kind of sugar-coated fritter? The only tiny bit of problem was that at 200 won a fritter there’ll be no bag and as I hold it with my fingers, the sugar just fell all over me! But I must say I really enjoyed it and it tastes just like donut in the form of a fritter.

After the visit to the Grand Park, I took a detour to the Kyobo Bookstore at Gwanghwamun for my OST and newly released albums before I went to meet SJ, the first meeting after more than 2 years. So this is how it feels to say “it’s been a long time” to a long-lost friend… …then or now I simply can’t find the right words to describe. All is calm and surreal, like in a Quixotic dream, it just doesn’t seem real at all. And again it’s starbucks and indeed, he wouldn’t have stepped into one unless it’s with me, but I have since moved away from the chain and perhaps that would be our last visit too. Time flies but time seems to have suspended at a certain point. I was actually at the Lotte World when I planned to see the Hangang, that’s the irony. Sleepless tonight and just one final thought–life’s a dream. 


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