Seoul Flea Market

 Wandered around and chanced upon the busy streets of this flea market. Almost anything can be found, you name it and may possbibly find it just right there. Tucked away in the corner where the stone walls lead one to is the Dongmyo Garden where you can see some people probably tired out after some shopping, stopping by to catch a breather. The building that seems like an old palace site is barricaded for some renovation work and so what’s left for visitors to move around is just a tiny piece of land. Still, it serves as an oasis of peace, away from the market place, like some secret garden. 

Seoul is forever crowded it seems, and more so in the weekend. A slow walk like this is most appreciated, strolling alongside Cheonggyecheon after biding my last goodbye 2 years ago proves more emotional than as imagined. The river is there, some flashback of the past scenes in bits and pieces and am glad all came to a calm when a church appeared to take the mind off the emotional baggage. Friend commented that histroy repeats itself, I am merely wandering in a maze, frantically finding a way out but to no avail. I concede defeat, opted to throw in the towel but am not allowed to quit this maze just yet for some reasons unknown and am most curious to find out. For now, this is the most challenging of all chanllenges faced and perhaps am just acting like Don Quixote with the chessy slogan that goes “My armor is my only clothes, my only rest is battle”. So am battling my own soul, the heart versus the head only that am reduced to a coward at this very moment. Is he my Dulcinea of Toboso, the man of my thought only because I have been leafing through much literature and uphold the hopeless belief that “the vanquished will have to obey the victor”? There is no magician, no villians turned windmills and am certain the prize will not be won over even if there is a victory.

24 months have since passed, like running a race that has yet to come to the finishing line. But the end will come one day, just like the page on Dongdaemun Stadium has turned yellow to turn to a new page of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Park.


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