The gift

Not meeting after all.

This could be a blessing in disguise or a sign from the Almighty to drive him out of one’s mind. Attended church service at the Yoido Full Gospel Church and was simply in awe at the sight of the scale of the church, be it the physical site or the size of the congregation. The sermon seems timely and to be able to attend Sunday church always brings peace and ignite my inner joy. God is good, all things good and perfect come from above, as said in the Bible. Christmas is most felt here at church with the gigantic Christmas tree erected for the sole purpose of reminding us all the birth of our saviour in a couple of weeks’ time.

Strolling along Yeouido Park didn’t prove quite enjoyable with the cold air back in Seoul this weekend and all I want is to get to a shelter of warmth, so I hopped on the first bus that came by my way and what a relief when I realized that it was indeed heading towards the direction of my desire. Then from the nearby subway station I had my Dunkin donuts at long last. Olive Chewsitry was the flavor, yes, you read it right, it’s Chewistry to signify some Chemistry or so it should mean. Some quirky English expression as invented by the Seoulites again. At about 4.30p.m., the train traveling from Daebang station to Seoul station suddenly stopped right after the Yongsan station. Train line 1 number 5014 had encountered some technical problems and had to transport the remaining 5 or so of us passengers to another train. Then came the adventure of jumping down the train with the help of two great gentlemen and then walked along the pebble-covered railways to get to the other train, again by climbing up with the help of the others. And interestingly enough, I met a Filipino who has been in Korea for the last 5 years but speak minimal Korean. Still, he helped to translate what was exchanged between the driver and some other passengers and we all laughed at the accident turned happy ending. I only wish I had captured how we have jumped down and climbed up the trains, it was so fun! And when I finally settled to check the cell phone, he had left a message about an hour ago to cancel our meeting for the day as the way back to Seoul from Yongpyong was experiencing heavy traffic. I sure hope he had a great day snowboarding, probably listening to his favorite tracks by the Boyz 2 Men and that special song of “Love me for a reason”. But I was indeed heartbroken.

 Failed to deliver his birthday present. No regrets whatsoever, simply heartbroken…


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