Finished 3 books or so in a week, watched 1 movie on a daily basis for over a week. Don’t really know what I was doing, the rain has come, the snow must have arrived, especially when he felt like a frozen tuna this evening, or so he said. To forget is easier said than done, almost every waking hour in Seoul was spent thinking of and missing him, even when he was right in front of me. Just too surreal an experience, like I am already missing him when he was around and then failed to recall what he looks like once he is gone. Only what he said remained, ringing in my ears every now and then… …Always the warm feelings when I am with him, things may happen around us and I wouldn’t notice anything, not in the least, nothing at all. Yet like after a good read, the pages will have to be turned at the sight of the words “The End”. Saw a book-end in the color I like and these thoughts came to mind. Well, I suppose it’s pun-intended, and indeed, he remembered this literary skill I once taught him. 


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