Butter & Breath

Another film by Nora Ephron after Sleepless in Seattle and you’ve got mail. I realized I’m one who will always go back to the same directors, like getting insured for yet another real treat on the reel. And indeed, I do like Julie & Julia, one that you can see traces of Ephron even you have no idea which other movies she has made prior to this. Just the notion of the Men versus Woman like it happens in the different view on movies in Sleepless in Seattle, or the kind of books the man would rather be reading other than Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. And I like how the little movie can just sway your emotions, touch you at the right punchline and the music ever so appetizing though this time round it isn’t too obvious. And it got me at the line “you are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life”… It’s just the kind of movie I need after The Revolutionary Road by one of my favorite couples, Dicaprio and Winslet, a tale about dreams and dejection, about chasing and abandoning, about finding and getting lost. And Avatar just reminds me of Dances with Wolves though the special effects were spectacular, the Korean Crush and Blush wasn’t quite up to expectation too and so was another Japanese production which I cannot even recall it’s title now. Really hope for an impactful movie before the year comes to an end.  


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