Alone in February

You know how time flies when you think you are busy doing something that you don’t really understand why you may be doing them. And then there is no other ways to live the life that you are living now. Not particularly distress or happy, just bored and kind of numb if there should be a term attached to it. So we usher in the month of February when one can vaguely recall what the month of January was like. Then one promised that the new year would be different from the years before, and that life would be in control and one holds the key how one would like and want to feel every single day, but swarmed by just anything and everything that happens day after day and no, can’t really describe how it is like now.

Still very much living in a dream, just that the dream is a bit too real and too prolific for one of no content or plot in any ways. The seas, the tower, the bird, specifically dove that carries a clover in its peak… …only such images are fresh and clear in the dreamscape. Can’t seem to sleep for once unlike how one can hit the sack like in falling into a coma after each hectic, nonsensical day of work. This time round, the mind is too clear, the eyes wide open and thoughts racing with no destination in view. Heart palpitating, the legs longing for a long run, to run till one drops, yet sadly the nose is heavily blocked, the throat in constant pain, a constitution rather unfit for the mind and soul. This is when the Greek dualism comes into reality, you just know that the elements that constitute what you call “I” are many and that “I” am never as alone as you have had imagined it to be, yet am very much alone… …


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