It sure has been a quiet and hectic month. Perhaps time really has wings or that the month goes by extremely fast, now the weather has put on a new clothe and another month is ready to land on us.

Can’t find words for how I may feel right now, many a time I don’t even know how I am feeling at this moment. “Fatigue” could be the word to sum up everything. Just wishing that time will stop, everything will suspend this very moment to allow one to sort out much thoughts…Went to the plays and came out feeling a sense of loss, still the same emptiness, the void that left one feeling lethargic. Wanted to go on a trip to somewhere, yet the somewhere will always be the city I would rather skip. No one is waiting on the other end of the world, no place is the place of destination. It’s as if flying in the air with no port to land in, the pilot of my heart is in disarray.

Am just tired, very tired. Kept rubbing the eyes, been sleeping most of the time of the day and not feeling any urge or desire. Just leave me alone and let me be, or maybe I’ll just shout and call it quits, away from everyone and everything…


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