Finding the Clover

The monthly pay is received and you paid off your debts and managed to save up some for what they called the retirement nests although to retire will probably take decades.  Some continued to struggle between satisfying material ambitions and doing what they dislike or have doubts in, others revelled at the thought of extra cash and more commodities owned. Yet what about dreams? What about passion that happens only once in a lifetime or never? Will you be caught up in this rat race if you knew your life will end in a year or two? Will it still be sitting in a  cramped cubicle in front of a pile of paperwork to be endorsed or trapped in a crowded office with not one face you have desired to see should you only have 365 days left. The windows looking out to a never-changing world, the heart that cease to beat with excitement…is there a rule that spells the death of one’s right to wish for something beyond the comprehension of the masses? The memory of pure sweetness of honey and the days in search of the four petal clover are over in a flash and the “soul” has submitted itself to the everyday madness. Yesterday has indeed vanished into thin air the moment the child that dares to dash ahead with no destination in sight takes its leave, as we allow ourselves to grow into what we once despised and resented. Hence, the irrational eagerness to witness the Hanami…


3 thoughts on “Finding the Clover

    1. Sorry to make you worry. I am just very tired…need a break. I like the drama, reminds me a lot of my days in as a student. But I have not watched the movie version, am sure it must be equally good.

      1. Ah..I hope you have always good health. I think the word “건강을 회복해요” is yours. ^^;
        And.. We needs to some take time to look up the sky. 에고고~~

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