Gift for the day

Recently came to know of a website that promises a free software to be given away every day. That must have made someone’s day and indeed it would be great to be treated to something nice daily. But I thought it would be even better if that is not a gift thrown right before one’s eyes and went unnoticed, rather, our eyes are opened and we allow our ears to hear too, the pure beauty of God’s creation. What did you see or hear today? I saw a yellow-peak bird perched on a tree branch and encountered a squirrel came running towards my direction while walking on the corridors. When it came near me, it slowed down its pace and cautiously peered into my eyes(or I imagined it to have done that) before making a dash ahead before I could do anything to it, not that I would. That was like some close-up on a living wild life if my eyes were the view finder of a camcorder and it brought a happy smile on my face as I ended my day of mundane work.


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