Old & Used

Lately I’ve been thinking of getting a type writer, the kind that runs on an ink  ribbon instead of being printed in ink via a printer. I wanted a Walkman that plays a tape or a CD player that stands out as a bulky possession when compared to the classic Ipod that could easily hold thousands of songs in one sleek design. My mini-compo which I bought some ten years back still play well and the tape recorder player I recently dug out from an old shop in town adds more nostalgic flavour to my already old and used clutter or treasure as I would rather them be known as. Even as I am writing this, I just re-discovered my SLR camera that works on negatives which belongs to the pre-digital era and am yearning to replace my long lost pocket watch. Yet ironically, I am also looking forward to getting the latest model of a pocket digital camera and maybe another Apple product. Perhaps what I want is exactly what I am, always stuck in between the beguiling old and new, both part of me and will always be.


2 thoughts on “Old & Used

  1. I Sometimes miss the old one so I do what you did, but I ended up I don’t buy it.haha..
    I used to Say “It’s a better world!”,but I feel empty. 時間に埋もれてずっと流れるのは簡単じゃないのことかな…

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