The blue City

Lost and was found. Finally made my way to the blue city, once a fantasy island to me. All seem to be in a dream and was transported from one island to another, jumped on the boat to somewhere I have since known years back. The citron tea that is famously known in the city, the many mountains and seas I have heard from someone I once knew. Thus, though it was the first visit, it seemed to be a revisit to the dreamscape. Took me two days to cover parts of the islands, in fact could have done all in a day or spent more days getting myself lost and be filled with anxiety and pleasure. But the little adventure heightened when I realized that the ship sailing to the port was the last to depart from that side of the island. A blessing it must have been since a day earlier on I was venturing to get from one end to the other on this island and in order to get back, I must rush to catch an intercity bus to get on the vessel that will set off in less than 2 hours time. Then I was supposed to explore the city! To my surprise, I have indeed managed to explore the city but on a bus and the ride was just the way I love it if not traveling on foot. 

Almost trapped on the island, the island SJ was brought up in. A summer day, a little breeze, a slight drizzle, the sun setting the moment I said goodbye to the island, my fantasy island…


2 thoughts on “The blue City

  1. I really surprised! I though another site. ;p
    I like it! And I can feel the breeze from your fantasy island.
    더 좋은 공간이 되겠죠.. ^^

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