No more…

Back on campus and all the past memories came pouring out or should I say pouring in? The buildings renewed, renovated, demolished, transplanted. Met the one person whom I have used to dream of seeing whenever I open my eyes and when we finally met and talked again after almost a decade was more surreal than a Dali’s painting. The old feelings have long since dissipated and memories warm or cold no longer affect or decide how the mood would swing. Fortunately or unfortunately for both of us, this heart of mine sways not for him but a boy who has slipped into and refused to leave…


One thought on “No more…

  1. Is this in your dream?
    In my dream, I sometimes meet someone who never met before. The person’s face not clearly… The funny thing is, if I dream about it now, I can see it so clearly, but I forget soon if I awake. ^^;

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