my darling is a foreigner

Apart from the cute couple and how the movie makes you want to learn the Japanese language to move to a nice landed apartment in Japan, I was totally blown away by what the father had written to his son-in-law. (the movie is supposedly based on a true story of the manga writer)…”Thank you for taking care of our daughter, you are our family”. Absolutely awesome for a doting father to pick up that much English to convey how he felt towards the new member of the family. Language is a barrier with out a doubt, yet it can also work otherwise, to be a medium of love.


2 thoughts on “my darling is a foreigner

    1. And so I heard. A cute movie I would recommend for weekend viewing, though I prefer the more thought-provoking ones which the Japanese are good at, such as the Departure(s)? Or even the classic love story “Love Letter”.

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