Copie conforme

Watched this at Spot in the early afternoon after a cup of extremely sweet Pomelo Tea.  Indeed, too much of anything is bound to backfire and so is love…Another film by Abbas Kiarostami about a couple who have been married for 15 years and how their love and their understanding of what and how love is have caused them to drift apart. The chronological narration that starts and end all in a day, an ending that leaves much thought and a decision for the audience to make may be familiar to all who have watched Before Sunrise or Before Sunset. But the dialogue, the bickering and seemingly re-conciliation or irreconcilable ending are certainly food for thought. Does love dissipates or dilutes as time goes by? Is it too much to ask of a love as strong as it once has been after a marriage of a decade or more? Love, is it original creation or just a certified copy?


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