The Alabastar Jar

Started the year with the reminder of God’s love and my sole purpose of being alive on earth, to glorify my Lord God till I go home to Him in heaven. End of the first month of the new year, totally filled with the Holy Spirit and experiencing once again the inner Joy that He has promised each and every one of us, the children of God. I know He has not and will never forsake me, I am assured of His abundant love and forgiveness, His opening His arms to welcome me back in His embrace. My Lord has taught me these…

Praise the Lord, shout out loud in praise of Him in days of abundance and when faced with adversities. Praise Him and be filled by the Spirit, let the Spirit guide and lead and never fear to be true witness of Christ. And I started singing to Him every time of the day whenever I am reminded of His amazing grace. There’s no stopping of us calling out to our Lord, Praise the Lord!

He is Worthy! Our God is worthy of time, our money, love and serve Him with all your heart, your mind, your soul, and your strength. Never have I thought of bringing to him tithe with an intentional prayer, a request to intercede on my behalf until now. And why would I not want to spend time with Him, always placing Him at the least, the last of all my priorities? And as I stand before Him, clear minded and focused, learning to lean on Him and fix my eyes on Jesus, tears flowed uncontrollably and I am able to sing again, sing with all my heart, my every act, my every word as an offering to Him.

On this night, I started my journey studying the devotional book, titled “Secrets of the Vine” by Bruce Wilkinson(with David Kopp). Lesson One of the thirty one day journey, “The Great Exchange”. I want to make that commitment, I want to exchange a life of frivolity and worry for His great promise.


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