No Secrets about the Divine Exchange

My heart is captivated Lord, by You alone
captured by the awesomeness of You alone
melted by the grace and mercy You have shown
I stand in wonder

I reach to you the one who make the blind eyes see
who breaks the chains of sickness with authority
restoring of what was broken
so it may fly again

I live to worship you
I breathe to worship to you
all of my days, your face I’ll seek

For as I worship you
You lead me to that place
To that place of divine exchange

31 days of quiet moments with Lord God, reading and sneaking into the Secrets of the Vine, and really there’s no secrets. If there is, it’s an open secret that the Lord longs for us to be joined with Him, He the Vine and we His branches.

Another month has flown past and the inner peace has not shaken though one gets flustered over the things happening in life on this earth. Anchor and go with the flow, trust and obey the Lord we were reminded, yet was trying to remember not to focus on the imperfections of created things and the imperfect beings but to fix my eyes on Jesus, the sweetest name that slips out of my tongue. I continue to sing Him praises, I continue my journey to get to know more about Him and wanting, desiring to be near Him and so, I held on to His promise even when I tripped and fell. Bruised and tired out, the heart flutters whenever the Spirit is lifted up, the peace and rapture will fill me up. Surrendering to Him I may not have done so, but slowly and surely He is telling me that it is the season of pruning, and that the restlessness felt prior to this period was to shake me up from my slumber, now He will ask for my bearing of fruits of my salvation. And so I offer myself to Him, my wealth and my time, I enjoy my day of rest spending time with Him, making use of all the available resources; watching the videos online, listening to the Christian songs so lovingly written on Him and dedicated to Him and reading Christian books and listening to CDs of sermons…”Our Lord is IT savvy”, exclaimed a friend recently. I smiled and replied that He is the creator of all things and there is indeed a purpose in all that He has made available and possible.

But get away from the distractions I will, such as the TV programme, the surfing of the internet, FEAR and WORRY, all in capitals and the accumulation of wealth.  I just want to remain still, listen to His tiny voice and learn to discern His voice, for my Lord has said that His sheep will know His voice and He will call me by my name. I want to be filled and led by the Holy Spirit, be a true follower by minimizing the “self” and maximizing God.

Get lost and off balanced in the love for and of God. Like a lover who falls head over heels for the subject of his desire, I want to yearn for Lord God and nothing and no one else.


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