Haven’t been updating much these days. The computer is down and am relying on the tiny netbook to surf, and the fingers and wrist  hurt a little as I try to struggle to do some typing. Technology is turning me into an impatient monster, so much so that the time taken to load the netbook can really get on my nerves, but when you time it, it’s actually less than a minute! We wanted everything to happen almost instantaneously and when not granted, we get flustered and frustrated, yet what else can we do except getting oneself angry?

The weather is crazy these days, just when you thought the clouds have changed into a threatening grey and rain will pour, the sun is out and you are sweating hot. But when you bask in the sun to absorb the much-needed vitamin E after a long day indoor in the shivering cold of an office, the downpour announced its long-awaited arrival…And I still cannot believe what happened in Japan on 11 March…my heart goes to the people of and in Japan and may Lord God bless them and help them to overcome this disaster to become stronger after the ordeal.


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